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So, you think you don’t need EFT, to tap out your stress. Maybe you feel like you have the stress in your life under control. Or maybe you think you don’t have time to add even one more thing to your already packed schedule. Perhaps, you rationalize, everyone else is as stressed as you are, and stress is just part of the human condition. No technique, especially one that has you tapping on your head, can truly make that much of a difference. Plus, that head tapping looks weird and the very thought of doing it adds to your stress. In the end, you decide that relieving stress is a nice dream but Tapping probably won’t work anyway.

Take the following quiz and find out if Tapping is for you. And, if it is, try the script you’ll find below.

For each question, rank your response from 1 to 5 using the scale values below:

1 = low to no stress or excellent rating

2 = moderate stress or a good rating

3 = average level of stress or average rating

4 = higher stress or worse than average rating

5 = very high stress or poor rating

Answer the following Questions:

1.     On average, what is your daily stress level?

2.     How would you rate your current physical health?

3.     To what level or degree do you experience physical pain on a daily basis?

4.     Rate your ability to effectively communicate with others.

5.     Do family members or close friends experience stress or other negative emotions regularly and share this with you?

6.     Y or N – Have you been through a stressful situation in the last 6 to 12 months? (for example, divorce, loss of a loved one, ending of a relationship, a move, a child going to college, leaving home for college or other reasons, other live events or situations) Answer Yes or No to this question.

If you scored a 5 or below, and answered “no” to question 6, maybe you don’t need to tap. But if you marked a 2 or above to any of the questions, and especially if you answered yes to question 6, tapping could truly be beneficial.

Tapping works to help you release the negative emotions you are holding in your energy system, feelings like anger, sadness, fear, or panic. Those emotions lead to the release of stress hormones into your body. When these hormones, and especially cortisol, flood your system, your brain gets fuddled, your immune system is weakened, and you may even experience physical pain. That’s right, your pounding headache, stiff, sore neck, or queasy tummy can definitely be related to your emotional state. Mel Phol, MD, FASAM, has found that, in 80 percent of his patients, emotional pain contributes to the chronic physical pain they are experiencing.

What do you think? Could tapping help you? If you’re ready to give it a try, use the follow script to tap out your stress. If the words we’ve used in the script aren’t right for you, substitute your own words to personalize the tapping. Be sure to start with the How-To tapping instructions and video you can find here.

Because: I have recently experienced a stressful situation (for example a death or other loss) (fill in your own situation or another trigger)

Emotions: Angry, stressed, and feeling overwhelmed

Sensations: Stiff, sore neck

Distress: 0 – 10 ________

KC:  Even though I’m angry because I’ve recently been through a very stressful situation (fill in your own situation or condition here) and I have a stiff, sore neck all the time (or other physical sensation), and this situation and my physical pain are stressful and overwhelming, I accept myself.  (say this 3x)

EB:  I am angry

SE:  I have been through something that is very stressful and painful

UE:  All this anger and stress leaves me feeling overwhelmed

UN:  I have a stiff neck all the time

CP:  All this anger and stress

CB:  I can’t seem to let go of these emotions… I feel overwhelmed… and my neck is stiff and sore all the time

UA:  I’m so overwhelmed, stressed and angry

TH:  All this anger and pain…because of this stressful situation

Take a breath and assess your level of distress. Has the level dropped to a 2 or below? Are you aware of any new emotions or physical sensations? If so, add these into your tapping and try the script again. Continue tapping until your distress level drops. Your goal is to reduce your level of distress as low as possible, hopefully reaching a 1 or 0.

What’s your biggest stressor? Try the script and let us know how it works as you Tap Out your stress.