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When I hear Bing Crosby sing the song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”,  it always pulls at my heartstrings.  I’m lucky to be able to go home, to my parents and the house I grew up in, every Christmas.  My whole family is there, including my husband’s family.  I love being able to see everyone.  But what if, despite wanting to see everyone, you simply can’t make it “home” for the holidays?  

The holidays are an especially hard time of year to be unable to travel and visit with the loved ones you wish to see.  Perhaps you have to work or you simply can’t afford the expensive travel costs.  There are plenty of reasons why someone might not be able to make it home.  And there are plenty of emotions that can go along with those reasons, making it all the more difficult to get through the season with a smile on your face.

Missing your family can make the holiday season seem miserable.  Especially if you have to work and all your friends have left to visit their families.  You feel all alone and sad.  There is no one to help take your mind off missing your family.  

If you can reduce the intensity of your loneliness and sadness, you may find some alternatives to sitting alone feeling miserable.  Perhaps you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or check out the community board at your local coffee shop to find a new activity.  Maybe this would be a great time to get some pampering at your local spa or start that project you’ve been thinking about, the possibilities are endless, really.

When you’re feeling sad, lonely and missing your family, give this tapping script a try.  Being able to positively control the emotions you feel can be very empowering.  EFT is the perfect tool since you can relieve your negative feelings yourself.  If you need a reminder of how to tap, you can find information on the front page of our website.

KC: Even though I am feeling sad and lonely since I can’t be with my family this holiday, I accept how I feel and I’m open to finding new ways to enjoy my holiday. (Repeat three times.)

EB: I’m sad and lonely

SE: I miss my family so much

UE: I wish I could go see them, but I can’t

UN: So I’m all alone this holiday

CP: I’m just so sad…missing them so much

CB: I’m so lonely

UA: I can’t go home this holiday

TH: I don’t know what to do…I feel all alone

EB: I have no one to spend the holiday with

SE: I’m just missing my family so much

UE: I’m open to finding something to do to occupy myself

UN: I just can’t think of anything ‘cause I feel so lonely

CP: What can I do?

CB: There must be something to do…but what?

UA: I’m open to releasing this sadness…this loneliness

TH: I’m open to finding something fun to do so I’m not missing them so much

Continue tapping through this script, adjusting the wording to meet your needs.  As your sadness dissipates, you may find ideas popping into you head of things you’d like to do… Make a list, pick a few activities, then get out there and have fun!

Happy Holidays!