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Each year it seems the Christmas and holiday decorations go up in stores earlier and earlier.  We are bombarded with pre-holiday sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and so on.  The expectation to give gifts to everyone from friends and family to teachers, hairdressers, and even the mail carrier, can be overwhelming.  

Many people just go along with the flow, enjoying the shopping, finding the thrill of searching out sales.  But some people are completely disgusted by the whole commercialization of the season. They may feel the religious aspect has been lost, or that our society has become completely consumer driven, or that the simple act of getting together with loved ones is lost in the frenzy of wrapping paper, toys and spending money.  

There are so many aspects as to why someone may feel disgusted by the commercialization of the holiday season.  While this script is a general script about the potential disgust people may feel, please customize it with your own words and emotions.  The more precise you can get the better.  

In our book, Tapped Out For College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, and our guided journal, Tapped Out A Guided Journal Using EFT to Overcome Stress, we use a system called the BESD to help you organize your thoughts before tapping.  We find it very helpful, so I am setting up this tapping script to give you an example.

Because (What triggers you): Christmas has become all about buying stuff.  The stores start advertising so early!  It’s all about them making money.

Emotion(s): I’m so disgusted

Sensations (where you feel this in your body): My blood starts to boil, my head pounds

Distress (Intensity of emotion): 7

Once you have broken down how you are feeling, it becomes easy to build your own tapping script. 

“Even though, (fill in your Because, Emotion, and/or Sensation), I accept how I am feeling.”

Then at each tapping point you will alternate through your Because, Emotions, and Sensations. Let’s give it a try.  

KC: Even though Christmas has become all about buying stuff and stores making money…I’m so disgusted, it makes my blood boil, I accept how I’m feeling. (Repeat 3 times)

EB: Christmas has become all about buying stuff and stores making money

SE: It disgusts me

UE: It makes my head pound and my blood boil

UN: The stores start the advertising earlier and earlier each year

CP: It’s all about them making money

CB: It disgusts me so much

UA: We’ve lost the true spirit of the holidays

TH: It makes my blood boil

EB: Christmas has become so commercialized

SE: It’s so disgusting

UE: It’s all about making money

UN: But feeling this way doesn’t help me enjoy my holiday the way I want to

CP: I wonder if I can release some of this negative emotion so I can enjoy this wonderful time of year as I feel it should be celebrated

CB: Holding onto this disgust doesn’t help me…there is no benefit

UA: I’m open to releasing these negative feelings, I’m open to enjoying my holiday

TH: I’m open and ready to release the disgust and to enjoy my holiday as I know best

Continue tapping through this script, changing the wording as needed, until your distress has decreased.  You may find that you tap down the intensity of the disgust, but then you feel sadness that society has become this way.  Re-examine your Because, Emotions, Sensations, and Distress and create a new script to address any newly discovered emotions.  

Happy Holidays!