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Writing a book is a long, sometimes lonely process, even for co-authors. There’s always more writing, proofreading, and editing to do, and much of what has to be done, has to be done alone. Once the book is finished and available for sale, marketing can be equally tough and can feel just as solitary. What if all the efforts don’t pay off? What if no one discovers your words, your work? Even still, as authors, you persist. Why? Because the end result is magic, when you hold that book in your hands, and share your passion with other people, people you hope your work will help. A lot of what authors do is behind the scenes, so it’s wonderful when you get to share your success as a writer on air.

Becki and I got the opportunity to publicly introduce our book, Tapped Out for College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, on Friday morning, May 5, 2017. Click the link next to this post to check out our radio interview on Nashua’s News and Talk Radio, 1590 WSMN. We introduced host, George Russell, and Bob Bartis, who joined us during the interview, to Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Tapping. George was a little skeptical, definitely funny, and very welcoming during our interchange, where he graciously allowed us to introduce our book to his audience. Bob let us teach him how to tap and gamely tapped along for a round.

During the course of his morning radio show, George Russell highlights local businesses, and Becki and I are thrilled that EFT Books For You was included in the line-up on Friday morning. We’re also thrilled to have had this chance to bring more attention to our book, which is the ultimate self-empowerment tool for college students, allowing them to bust through the stress of the University years and pave the way for success.

As certified EFT practitioners, Becki and I are always excited to tell more people about EFT or Tapping. Tapping allows each of us to take control of our stress and reduce the negative emotions that hold us back. Tapping opens pathways to greater health, relaxation and fulfillment in life, and we appreciate the opportunity to appear on WSMN 1590 AM and share Tapping with their audience.

Take a listen to the interview and keep tapping.




Kelley and Becki radio interview, May 5, 2017