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During this season of joy, it’s easy to become overloaded with endless to-do’s until you’re too stressed to have fun. There are presents to purchase, cards to write, parties to plan as well as attend, not to mention seasonal celebrations at school, work, and church. Everybody anticipates your presence and you want to be there for all of it, you really do. But once you add into this mix all the extra time everything takes, including the increased traffic around shopping venues, the long lines as you wait to pay for your purchases, and that one last gift you forgot and must rush out to buy at the last minute, you might simply want to pull on your PJs and hide until the holiday season has passed. Who could really blame you? Once you get all the chores checked off, who has the energy or time left to be merry?

Enter EFT or tapping to help you lessen the stress that builds up during the holiday season. EFT usually means Emotional Freedom Technique, but maybe, just for this time of year, we should call it Enjoying Festive Time, because that’s what tapping can help you to do. Tapping is quick, easy, and a real stress-buster, allowing you to release the emotions that put a damper on your festive spirit. With those negative emotions out of the way, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. And when you feel better, everything is easier to accomplish.  

Try the following tapping script to help you release the stress of this season. While the script is very general and uses the word stress to cover all the possible emotions you might be feeling, I encourage you to substitute your own words if you want to target specific emotions or activities that are getting to you this month. For example, you might want to tap on the frustration of shopping at crowded malls or the irritation at having to address all those greeting cards you want to send.

Whatever you choose to tap on, don’t forget to start by assessing your level of emotional distress from 1 to 10, with 1 being not a big deal and 10 being about the worst you can feel. Choose the number that first pops into your head and make a note of it. Then start tapping. Check out the tapping diagram and the tapping video on the homepage of the EFT Books For You website if you need a reminder about how to tap.

KC: Even though I’m stressed because I have too much to do this season… I’m too stressed to have fun… I have no idea how to get it all done… I accept my feelings and am open to releasing this stress.

EB: I’m stressed out this holiday season

SE: I have so much to do

UE: I have presents to purchase and wrap

UN: Cards to write and get in the mail

CP: Parties to plan and to attend

CB: And then there’s all the baking that I want to get done

UA: Everything takes so much time this season

TH: I’m stressed out just thinking about all that I have to do

EB: I don’t have any time to have fun this season

SE: I have way too much to do to even think about having fun

UE: How can I get it all done?

UN: I’m so stressed that I don’t even want to have fun… I want it to all be over

CP: I hate to feel this way… I really do want to have fun

CB: I love all the parties, seeing all my friends, giving gifts

UA: It’s just that all of it gets overwhelming and very stressful

TH: I’m open to releasing the stress I’m feeling so I can enjoy this season to the fullest

Keep tapping until you feel your stress lessening. Use this script anytime holiday stress threatens to get the best of you. You deserve to have fun. Have a very happy holiday season!