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Getting everyone together for the holidays is often celebrated and anticipated.  It is also, oftentimes, expected.  Which means many of you will need to travel to get together with your loved ones. Some people love traveling, but others don’t.  Traveling for the holidays poses even more problem for nervous travelers, what with the crowds, possible weather delays, irritated passengers and so on.  

EFT tapping offers nervous travelers a wonderful way to ease the stress you may feel on your journey.  For starters, it’s quick, easy and can be done anywhere, anytime. Best of all, you do it yourself, so no need to wait, you can tap right in the moment and get the relief you need so you can carry on with your travels, stress free.

While tapping is wonderful when used “in the moment”, you can also tap ahead of time, especially when you know how you will be feeling based on previous experiences. This is a great way to relieve the anticipated stress.  That early anticipated stress has a major influence on how you feel in the actual moment.

What is it about holiday travel that makes you nervous?  Is it the crowds? The potential delays and problems with scheduling?  Maybe it is just the unfamiliarity of it all.  Whatever the reason(s), simply plug it into the script below to help you release the nervousness and stress.  Once you are able to do that, your brain will feel clearer, your problem solving will be more efficient and your travels will be less stressful and possibly even enjoyable.  Won’t it be nice to show up at your destination feeling calm and ready to jump into the festivities?

Prepare ahead of time by tapping through this script a couple of times on the days leading up to your travels, then have it handy to use during your trip, should you need it.  You’ll be amazed at how well it takes the edge off, allowing you to travel with ease of mind.  

KC: Even though traveling at this time of year makes me so nervous…all the crowds, the hustle and bustle… it leaves me feeling frazzled…I acknowledge this is how I feel and I’m open to experiencing peaceful travel.. (Repeat 3 times)

EB: All the hustle and bustle of holiday travel

SE: It makes me so nervous

UE: I get so frazzled

UN: It’s so crowded and busy

CP: I hate traveling at this time of year…but I have to if I want to see my family

CB: I get so nervous and frazzled

UA: I hate this feeling

TH: This frazzled, nervous feeling…I can’t think straight

EB: I wish I could enjoy traveling

SE: Other people do…why can’t I?

UE: Other people don’t get nervous and frazzled

UN: I wonder if I can release these nerves

CP: Feeling frazzled doesn’t help me at all

CB: I’m open to releasing these nerves…this frazzled feeling

UA: I’m open to traveling during the holidays with ease

TH: I’m open and ready to release these nerves so I can calmly travel to my destination

Continue tapping, inserting the wording that best suits your needs.  Remember, you can do tapping anytime, anywhere to help ease nervousness when it appears.  In the moment, you may have to “stealth tap” by making it look like you’re scratching your head or rubbing your temples, but honestly, I doubt anyone will even notice, since they are all hustling and bustling to get to their destinations as well.  You’ll feel so much better once you tap out the nerves.  

Happy Travels!