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Many people struggle with the excesses of the holidays. I can relate to those struggles. I too, can easily succumb to the temptations of the season. Once cookie baking starts and holiday candy begins to arrive I often face an inner battle to keep from overindulging. Add in the parties with flowing drinks, banquets of food, and late nights out, and the struggle worsens. I’m not a late-night girl, so those parties that last into the wee hours hit me hard. If I’ve had a glass or two too many of my favorite wine and chased those down with several canapés, I usually don’t sleep very well and I certainly don’t feel my best the next day. I’ve discovered that EFT really does help me to cope with the excesses of the holiday season so I can enjoy this special time with friends and family and still button my favorite trousers?

Whether you’re fighting the temptation of too many treats in your house, or maneuvering your way through the party circuit while trying to stick to carrots and celery as your snacks of choice, I feel your pain and I understand the battle to be virtuous. Below are two scripts written to address the emotions you might experience during this wonderful season filled with opportunities to enjoy everything a bit too much. Give EFT a try. It really does help.

Remember, if my words don’t work, substitute your own. Add in different emotions if what I’ve suggested isn’t the right dip for your chip, and don’t forget to include any physical sensations you notice. EFT is meant to be personal, so make this time yours and let go of the struggle so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest.

Before you get started, rate the intensity of your emotions on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being not a big deal and 10 being about the worst you can feel. After you tap through the script, pause and reassess your level of intensity. Keep tapping until you feel a shift. Shoot to bring your level of intensity to a 2 or below.

Script One:

KC: Even though I’m panicked and stressed out because it’s the holidays and I always gain weight…there are so many parties, so much food, and I can’t resist…, I am open to releasing the panic around holiday eating.

EB: I’m panicked and stressed

SE: It’s the holiday season…  lots of parties and food… and I always gain weight

UE: It’s so hard to eat right during this time of the year

UN: So many temptations are around all the time

CP: Candy, cookies, chips and dips

CB: There’s always so much to eat and I can’t walk away

UA: I’m panicked and stressed-out because the holidays always make me fat

TH: I don’t want to feel this way, don’t want to be trapped by food, but I can’t resist it all

EB: I want to enjoy this season but I can’t because of all the temptations

SE: I’m panicked because I can’t control myself around all the food

UE: It’s so hard to eat right during this time of the year

UN: I don’t think the panicked feeling is helping me control my eating

CP: And I’m open to releasing the panic I feel around holiday eating

CB: I’m open to choosing when and what I eat

UA: I choose to be in control rather than allowing the food to be in control

TH: I’m choosing to be in control of my food choices…to releasing my stress and panic around holiday eating

Script Two:

KC: Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control with all the food and drink around me during this holiday season… how am I supposed to resist… how can I make it through without gaining weight… and I hate myself when I gain weight, I am open to releasing the feeling of overwhelm and finding my inner control.

EB: I’m feeling so overwhelmed by all the food and drink during the holidays

SE: How am I supposed to resist?

UE: The problem is I can’t resist and I always gain weight

UN: I really hate myself when I gain weight… when I have no self-control

CP: Part of me hates the holidays because there’s always so much food and drink

CB: I can never make it through without gaining weight

UA: I have no self-control and I hate that… hate myself when I gain weight

TH: I’m feeling stressed, so out-of-control, with all the food and drink around me

EB: I’m open to releasing my feelings of being overwhelmed by food and drinks this holiday

SE: I’m open to finding my inner control… maybe it’s easier than I think

UE: I don’t think feeling overwhelmed helps me be in control

UN: So I choose to release that feeling now

CP: I choose to relax and enjoy the holidays and the food and drink around me

CB: I choose to do so easily, indulging when I want and stopping when I’m ready

UA: I choose to release the feeling of being out-of-control and overwhelmed

TH: I choose to easily find my inner control around food and drink this holiday season