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Do you dread going to the holiday party when you know that a specific guest, the Party Pooper in your crowd, will be there? There’s always one – the guest who loves to debate, to argue, and to annoy.  The one who always shows up, butts into every conversation, and leaves a trail of holiday gloom in their wake.  It’s hard to shrug off the feelings of frustration and annoyance aroused by this person.  

This person may be a relative or someone from your office and if that’s the case it can be very hard to avoid him or her, especially if he or she tends to seek you out. This person knows just how to push your buttons, ruffle your feathers and, ruin your enjoyment. Telling the person off, running away and hiding, or skipping the party all together aren’t really the best options. You have to figure out a way to deal with the party pooper. But how? Enter EFT or tapping. Tapping helps you to diffuse your feelings about the dreaded party pooper, leaving you better able to cope when this person tries to start something unpleasant.

The party pooper may be your grumpy Uncle Joe. He has to be invited to the family party – he’s related, after all. But he’s such a pill and you dread seeing him so much, that you consider feigning illness so you can skip the event (even though you love the rest of your relations). Uncle Joe  always complains about the food, gossips about other family members, and starts political arguments. He loves to tell you how much you have messed up your life, what you should be doing and exactly why he was so much better when he was your age. This not only hurts your feelings but it angers you that he is allowed to behave this way, year after year, and no one in the family tells him to stop.  

This is a great tap-ahead-of-time situation. Begin by examining what the strongest emotion is that you are feeling. Perhaps you realize that while he does hurt your feelings, your biggest emotion is anger because Uncle Joe is allowed to get away with his bad behavior year after year. Rate your anger between 0-10, with 0 being no big deal and 10 being a really big deal.  The first number that pops into your head is the one to use. Next, determine if you feel discomfort anywhere in your body.  Maybe you get a headache just knowing you’re going to have to deal with Uncle Joe in the near future.  Now you’re ready to start tapping. Before you start, remember to customize your tapping by substituting the name(s), emotion(s) and sensation(s) to meet your personal situation.

KC: Even though I get so angry because no one tells Uncle Joe to stop wrecking the party… his behavior is unacceptable…I have a headache just knowing he’ll be at the party, I accept these feelings and I accept myself. (Repeat 3 times)

EB: Uncle Joe always wrecks the family party

SE: He’s so mean

UE: No one ever tells him to stop

UN: It makes me so angry

CP: It makes my head hurt

CB: No one stands up to him

UA: He ruins the party by upsetting people

TH: I am so angry that his behavior is brushed off every year

EB: All this anger

SE: I’m open to releasing it

UE: But he makes me so angry and no one tells him to stop

UN: But feeling angry takes away from my happiness

CP: I’m open to letting this go so I can enjoy myself

CB: Releasing the anger… releasing the headache

UA: I can only control my reaction… can’t control his, or anyone else’s, behavior

TH: I’m open and ready to release the anger, to not be triggered, and to enjoy my holiday

Keep tapping through the points, repeating this script, or simply just venting out what you are feeling as you move through the points. Once the intensity of your distress is down to a 2, try tapping through each point again, repeating the last line of this script.  

Happy Holidays!