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Not everyone loves going home for the holidays. Whether you’re a college student, finally able to be your own person, or you’ve been out of the house for years, home might not be a fun place for you. Perhaps you don’t get along with your family. Or maybe, living on your own, where you’re free to set your own rules and be the person you want to be, is far better than living by the rules set out at home. In the end, however, you may not have any choice about going home for the holidays, especially if you live in a dorm that closes for the break. And if you’re out of college and have been on your own for a while, you still may feel pressured to do what’s expected and show up for the family celebration. 

No matter where you are in life, if being home for the holidays is an unavoidable seasonal drag, you need a strategy to help you through this time. Try the following tapping script to help you release the stress of going home. The script has been written with college students in mind, but feel free to change the words if you’re not in college. This is your time so be certain to say what you need to make the tapping session your own. While no tapping script can make everything perfect at home, maybe tapping can release some of the stress related to being there.

EFT cannot stop violence or abuse. If your home situation is violent or dangerous, please seek help from a trusted friend, family member, hotline, or other resource. 

Before you begin, assess your level of emotional distress from 1 to 10, with 1 being not a big deal and 10 being about the worst you can feel. Choose the number that first pops into your head and make a note of it. Then start tapping. Check out the tapping diagram and the tapping video on the homepage of the EFT Books For You website if you need a reminder about how to tap.


KC: Even though I’m angry because I have to go home for the holidays… the dorms shut down, no one will be here, I have to go home even though I don’t want to… I don’t like it at home, I’m open to releasing the anger and stress I’m feeling. (repeat three times)

EB: I’m angry because I don’t want to go home

SE: I don’t want to be with my family

UE: I’m used to setting my own rules, being my own boss

UN: But at home I don’t have that freedom

CP: And I really don’t get along with my family… they’re so different from me

CB: They honestly don’t get me

UA: I really am angry… I don’t want to go home

TH: All this anger… I don’t want to go home and I can’t wait for break to be over

EB: I’m feeling so much anger and stress

SE: I don’t like it at home, don’t want to be with my family

UE: My family doesn’t see that I’m my own person

UN: They expect me to conform, be the way they want me to be

CP: I really don’t like being with my family… they’re so different from me

CB: They honestly don’t get me

UA: Maybe my anger isn’t helping this situation… maybe it’s only making me feel worse

TH: I’m open to releasing the anger and stress I’m feeling so that I can more easily get through the time I’m at home

Continue tapping through this script until you notice a release in the intensity of emotions you’ve been feeling about returning home for the holidays. To finish, try tapping and repeating the last line of the script at each tapping point. Once you’re able to release the negative emotions, you  might find it’s easier to cope with the stresses of family expectations this season, making your holidays happier.