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This time of year is expensive. No matter what occasion you celebrate, gifts are often involved, and sometimes it feels as if you’re expected to give something meaningful to everyone. No wonder the magic of this season is often difficult to experience, buried as it often is, under an avalanche of busyness, stress, and non-stop spending. All those gifts require thought, preparation, and time away from daily tasks that don’t disappear just because you have to shop. Additionally, meaningful often correlates with pricey, depleting not only your peace of mind but your bank account.

As the expenses of the season add up, you may be left feeling empty, angry, and broke. The question is, can you find a better way to make this time of year merry and avoid running up credit card debt that won’t disappear when January 1 rolls around? There are many articles circulating about simplifying and saving this holiday season. Take a look here for ways to save, and here for thoughts about simplifying.

And of course, there’s tapping. EFT can help clear your mind, allowing you to release stress so you can find creative solutions to money woes this time of year. As you tap away your negative feelings, notice if new ideas don’t spring to mind. Maybe you could use your creative talents to make special gifts for friends and loved ones. If you have an especially large family or group with whom you like to celebrate, maybe you could all agree to exchange names this year, lessening everyone’s financial burden.

Whatever solution you discover, allow EFT to help you find your way. Try the script we’ve provided, always remembering to use your own words where ours don’t fit.

First, determine your level of distress using a scale between 1 and 10, with 1 being no big deal and 10 being as bad as it can get. Note the first number that pops into your head and then get to tapping. You can find a tapping video and an illustration of the tapping points on the homepage of EFT Books for You website.

KC:  Even though I’m stressed out and frustrated because the holidays are so expensive… I don’t know how I’m going to pay for everything… buy all the gifts I need to buy… meet all the expectations I feel like I need to fulfill without going broke, I accept my feelings. (repeat 3 times)

EB: I’m very stressed and frustrated

SE: The holidays are so expensive and I can’t afford it all

UE: I really don’t know how I’ll pay for all the gifts I need to buy

UN: I also have to buy special food, go out with friends, even find some new party clothes

CP: It’s all too much and I feel so stressed and frustrated

CB: I can’t do it all without going broke

UA: How will I make it through financially this season?

TH: I’m stressed out and frustrated

EB: Why do the holidays have to be so expensive?

SE: I wish there was a better way to deal with all the costs

UE: I’m open to finding a better way to get this all done

UN: Maybe I can find easier, less expensive ways to give gifts to my loved ones

CP: I’m open to alternatives…to finding ways to enjoy the holidays without breaking my budget

CB: I’m open to letting go of the financial burden of the holidays

UA: I’m open to releasing the stress and frustration

TH: I’m open and ready to find new ways to enjoy the holiday season without the financial burden

Keep tapping through this script using the wording that fits best for you.  When the intensity has lessened, try finishing by tapping and repeating the last line of this script at each of the tapping points.