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It’s December first. The holiday season is in full swing. This is a joyful time of celebration, cheer, merriment, and fun. All those great adjectives are what we want to be feeling. But what if you don’t feel all those things right now? What if the main feelings you have are irritation, frustration, anger, or sadness? What if you feel too stressed out with work or school to enjoy the lead-up to the holidays, let alone the holidays themselves? If you recognize yourself in any of these emotions, join us here at EFT Books for You this month. We’ll be posting several short tapping scripts to help you through the holidays so you can experience less stress and have more fun. Some of our post ideas include:

Final Exam Frustration (for all those students out there)
Finding time to do it all this season
Holiday season money woes – How can I pay for it all?
I’ve no time to enjoy the holidays
My family is making me crazy!
Help – the holidays make me fat!

We’d love to hear from you this month. If you have any suggestions for us about posts you’d like to see, share a comment and let us know.

Stay tuned. The first post is tomorrow.

Happy Tapping

Kelley and Becki