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What is EFT?

Tapping out stress using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an empowering, do-it-yourself healing system that alleviates stress, reduces physical pain and increases your potential for success. It is a non-invasive energy therapy using gentle finger tapping on specific meridian points identified in Chinese medicine and located beneath the surface of the skin. EFT was developed in the by a Stanford University-trained engineer named Gary Craig. EFT allows the user to stimulate the major meridian points in an unchanging sequence. By tapping on the points identified in EFT you are able to access all the major energy circuits and find relief. But how does this tapping actually work?

EFT’s magic rests in its ability to smooth out disruptions in your energy system. Using EFT, you tap on the negative emotions from a specific event, for instance the overwhelming stress you might feel due to an upcoming examination or an important meeting at work. Tapping on the stress, the negative emotion, allows the emotion to be released and the energy disruption is then straightened out. This release of the negative allows the flow of positive energy back into your life. With the brain no longer feeling overloaded you are then able to retrieve the information needed to ace the exam or to sail through that meeting.

Why does EFT work?

Here is the scientific explanation for the effectiveness of EFT and we promise to keep it short. Part of the human brain is ancient and has been in operation, working to keep our species alive, for thousands of years. The limbic brain is the oldest, most primitive part of the brain and a part of the limbic brain is a small, almond shaped area called the amygdala. The amygdala is the part of the brain triggered when you are in danger, the relay station that sends out the message for your fight or flight response to kick in. When this response is activated, it signals the body of danger and the hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released.

This fight or flight response was necessary to our survival back when our lives were threatened frequently, and we had to fight to stay alive. It remains important today, when we face truly dangerous or life-threatening situations. However, this primitive portion of your brain, the amygdala, cannot detect life-threatening danger from imagined “stress” danger. Our body senses stress, whether it’s exam stress or work stress or any other daily stress, as a danger and releases the same fight or flight hormones our ancestors needed to stay alive.  When these hormones are released into your body as a result of daily life stress, they have nowhere to go because you aren’t running them out, fleeing from danger. The stress hormones, and in particular, Cortisol, wreak havoc on our bodies, weakening our immune systems, potentially leading to illness, and even contributing to weight gain.

EFT has been shown to be effective time and again in scientific studies. It is a remarkable energy psychology technique that calms your amygdala, causing a reduction of the stress hormones in your body. Reducing stress may result in relief from physical pain and emotional suffering, because stress is often an underlying part of any problems you are facing.

Before you start tapping

Check out the resources section of this website for links to books and articles that further explain the effectiveness of this amazing technique. Be sure to try the scripts and videos on the site to experience tapping for yourself.

Please refer to the Disclaimer section of this website for important information before you try tapping.

How to Use EFT to
Tap Out Negative Emotions

At EFT Books for You we’ve developed an easy format to guide you through your tapping experience and we call it the BESD. Go through each of the following steps, writing down your answers. When you have your answers, you’re ready to tap out your emotions.

Step One: Your Because – Your Because is the situation that’s triggered the negative emotion you’re feeling. Write down your Because and go to Step Two.

Step Two: Your Emotion(s) – In this step, you identify the Emotion(s) you are feeling. Write down the emotion or emotions you are feeling related to your Because and go to Step Three.

Step Three: Your Physical Sensations – Notice any physical Sensations associated with the Emotion(s) you’ve identified and write them down. Go to Step Four.

Step Four: Your level of Distress – Rate the intensity of the Emotion(s) you are currently feeling from 0 to 10. Zero is no problem and 10 is as intense as the emotion can get. Don’t overthink this step. Use the first number that pops into your head. Write down your number and go to Step Five.

Step Five: The Set-up Statement – This phrase starts with Even Though and ends with a statement of acceptance, like I accept myself or I’m okay. Using the following examples as a guide, write your Set-up Statement, and go to Step Six.

For example: Even though I am (insert Emotion) because (insert Because) I accept myself.

You may also insert the physical sensation you are feeling into this phrase.

This Phrase is said three times while tapping continuously on the Karate Chop point (see below).

Step Six: The Reminder Phrase – You will say a reminder phrase as you tap on each point on the head and upper torso. Before you begin tapping, decide on your reminder phrase based upon your Because, Emotion(s), and Sensation(s). This phrase can be as simple as repeating the emotion you are experiencing. It can also be longer. Using the examples as a guide, write your Reminder Phrase and go to Step Seven.

For example: This (insert Emotion)

Or: This (insert Emotion) because (insert Because)

Or: This (insert Emotion) and this (insert physical Sensation) because (insert Because)

Step Seven: Tapping the Points – Tap on the following points. Start with your set-up statement, saying this statement three times while tapping continuously on the Karate Chop point. Continue tapping on the remaining points, ending at the top of your head, while saying your reminder phrase. The Tapping Points diagram on the website will guide you to easily locate the points.

  • Karate Chop (KC) located on the outside of the hand below the joint of the little finger; on the fleshy part, you would use in martial arts to hit in a karate chop fashion
  • Eyebrow (EB) where the eyebrow starts at the inside of the eye
  • Side of the Eye (SE) at the outside corner of the eye on the boney area
  • Under the Eye (UE) below the pupil, on the bone of the eye socket
  • Under the Nose (UN) In the groove between your nose and upper lip
  • Chin Point (CP) in the crease of the chin, not the point of the chin
  • Collarbone (CB) located an inch below the collarbone
  • Under the Arm (UA) about four inches below the armpit, across from the center of the chest, where the bra circles the ribs for women
  • Top of the Head (TH) a bit back from the center and generally in line with the top of your ears.

Step Eight: Checking in – Take a deep inhale and a long exhale. Notice how you feel after tapping and rate your level of distress. If, after tapping, your level of distress is still high, you can continue, using the same words. If new emotions or sensations have surfaced during your tapping, you can change your tapping script to reflect these new insights.

Your goal is to reduce your level of distress as low as you can, and it is a good idea to keep tapping until your distress level is at a 2 or below. While your ultimate goal with EFT is to reduce your level of intensity to a 0, this might not happen immediately. Don’t think that EFT hasn’t worked. You might find that you feel better several hours after tapping. Often, EFT continues to work, even after the actual tapping session is completed.

Take a moment to watch the video demonstrating the tapping points and a simple tapping script.

College is stressful. Tapped Out can help!

Is college stressing you out? Tapped Out for College Students (Tapped Out) guides you through a simple self-help system to relieve the tension of college in moments. With Tapped Out you’ll find stress relief is at your fingertips. The Tapped Out system, based on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or Tapping,  is a non-invasive, quick, and easy process to learn.  This system is proven to reduce stress. Once learned, you can use Tapping on your own whenever you want, wherever you are, and for whatever reason.

In this book, you are guided to alleviate common college stressors using customizable worded scripts that follow the tapping points, easily allowing you to work through your specific issues. The book is broken into sections allowing you to go directly to the area you need. You don’t have to read Tapped Out cover-to-cover. This is not another college text book.

Becki Stevens and Kelley Pryor Amrein are certified EFT Practitioners, both trained through Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET). This book is a result of work they have done with college students and is the synthesis of the main issues that students like you have presented to them.

Foreword by: Margaret M Lynch, Speaker, Transformational Coach, and Author of Tapping Into Wealth

“This book will truly be a gift for a high school or college-aged young adult… empowering a generation of young people with the tools to clear away the debilitating effects of anxiety and self-doubt, allowing them to thrive as their unique, powerful, and gifted selves!” 

Reviews from Tapping experts including:

Nick Ortner, New York Times bestselling author of The Tapping Solution

Jenny Johnston, EFT Universe Trainer, founder of Quantum EFT and bestselling author of Tapping Into Past Lives

Ingrid Dinter, Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer, Speaker, EFT Consultant, and Coauthor of EFT for PTSD

Rarely do you get such a comprehensive resource for students about to go to college and those who are attending college. This is more than a must have book for college students and I recommend that all parents provide this book for their college student as a resource to help them when they cannot be there.


It’s a ‘be prepared’ resource, a ‘first aid’ resource and a ‘solutions’ resource. Authors, Becki and Kelley have hit the nail on the head with this book, providing practical solutions to so many potential issues that college students may face, from tapping scripts to hotline numbers to call. They address overwhelm, homesickness, procrastination, homework, confusion, working a job, socialising, dating, budgeting, depression, fear of not graduating, substance abuse, exams, interviews, internships and so much more. This book is also helpful for parents to read before they pack it off to college with their new college student. Read Tapped out for College Students now! It’s the best resource a college student could possibly have.
Jenny Johnston, EFT Universe Trainer
Best Selling Author of Tapping into Past Lives
Founder of Quantum EFT
Jenny’s personal website: www.jennyjohnston.com.au

In Tapped out for College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, Kelley and Becki have created a much-needed resource for busy students, giving them an easy-to-follow format for success at school… This is an awesome resource for every college student. Definitely a must-have.


 The authors give important background about Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT, without overwhelming students with too much information. They quickly get to the important scripts, designed to facilitate stress relief. Each section of the book is broken into the most common topics college students may encounter. The scripts in each section guide the students through the EFT process, or tapping, allowing them to quickly release the negative emotions holding them back.

Studies have shown that stress levels at college are on the rise, yet, until now, students haven’t had an easy means to cope. This book empowers students to have control over their stress. This is an awesome resource for every college student. Definitely a must-have.

Nick Ortner
NY Times Bestselling Author of The Tapping Solution

Listen to Kelley and Becki's radio interview

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Meet Your EFT Coaches

Kelley Pryor Amrein

Kelley Pryor Amrein

AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner and Founder, Spirit Guided Journeys

Kelley is an AAMET certified EFT Practitioner. Kelley discovered EFT in 2007 while living in India. She used EFT for several years personally and with her family.

You can find Kelley at www.EFTBooksForYou.com, www.SpiritGuidedJourneys.com, and www.kdpryor.com.

Learn more about Kelley

Kelley was ultimately drawn to become an EFT practitioner after witnessing how quickly this technique provided relief from stress, physical pain, and emotional upheaval.

In her coaching practice, Kelley focuses on working with writers struggling to more fully express their creativity and finish writing projects. She finds that EFT works miracles unlocking blocks, whether physical or emotional. She is the mother of three, one a college graduate, one in college and one about to embark on the university experience. She is passionate about Tapped Out, having received numerous phone calls when her kids were stressed about exams, struggling with relationships or feeling sick. She feels fortunate that her kids have been introduced to EFT and wants other college students to have access to this quick, effective, and powerful self-help technique.

Besides EFT, Kelley is a published author, writing fiction under her pen name, KD Pryor. Kelley is also a trained and registered yoga teacher. She combines her love of writing, EFT, and yoga in her coaching practice. Another of Kelley’s passions is travel, and she enjoys leading creative journeys to India.

Kelley is currently a part of Margaret Lynch’s Rockstars on a Mission coaching program, which combines EFT and cutting edge modalities to facilitate inner transformation and personal growth.

Becki Stevens

Becki Stevens

AAMET Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner and Founder, Rebecca Stevens Coaching

Becki is an AAMET certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. She is currently working towards practitioner certification in Matrix Reimprinting with Alina Frank and Craig Weiner.

You can find Becki at www.EFTBooksforYou.com and at www.RebeccaStevensCoaching.com.

Learn more about Becki

After being a stay-at-home mom for twelve years, she was introduced to EFT when going through a stressful time in her life.  Prior to finding EFT, she tried on many professional hats; veterinary technician, daycare assistant, 4th grade teacher, as well as an entrepreneur launching her own cake decorating company.  When she experienced first hand how profoundly EFT changed her life and allowed her to reformulate beliefs that were holding her back, Becki knew immediately that she had found her professional purpose.

Becki currently splits her EFT practice with a chiropractic center and a holistic wellness center, where she works with people of all ages, including college students, to ease their physical and emotional distress.  She knows stress accumulates within the body and, if not addressed, can lead to physical issues, including disease. Becki believes that Tapped Out is an empowering introduction to EFT for college students, giving them a tool they can use throughout their lives to relieve stress and foster healthy relationships, creativity, and overall health.

What they’re saying about
Kelley, Becki and
“Tapped Out for College Students”

College students really need EFT, an easy-to-learn self-help tool, to reduce their stress so they can enjoy their college experience… Every situation that may be causing a college student stress is listed, and a tapping script is provided that really covers the subject!  This book is a must-have for every college student!


 I am honored to provide a review for the new book, Tapped Out for College Students; Stress Relief Using EFT, written by my EFT Colleagues, Kelley Pryor Amrein and Becki Stevens. I know that when our minds and bodies are stressed, we don’t make good decisions, and college is hugely stressful. College students really need EFT, an easy-to-learn self-help tool, to reduce their stress so they can enjoy their college experience.  The book is very well organized and easy-to-follow. Students can go right to the area they need in the moment and simply follow the script.  Since we are all different, Kelley and Becki encourage students to tap on the truth of their emotions.  Every situation that may be causing a college student stress is listed, and a tapping script is provided that really covers the subject!  This book is a must-have for every college student!  I look forward to their next book in the series.
Barbara E. Belmont, AAMET Accredited Certified Advanced EFT
Belmont Coaching and Consulting Services

I remember vividly that first time I met Becki and Kelley at my EFT Certification training… The book you are holding in your hands is proof of their expertise and dedication to excellence…. It will make all the difference in your college career and how you approach your future life.


 I could see the passion and excitement they were bringing to the table, and their fantastic ability to soak up what they were learning and immediately implement it into their self-work and client work. I knew right there and then that I was watching two EFT experts in the making. The book you are holding in your hands is proof of their expertise and dedication to excellence. Since that first weekend, Becki and Kelley have taken numerous EFT workshops and have received extensive mentoring to be able to do their high-level work with college students.

Follow their suggestions step by step. Don’t just read, but actually do the exercises they suggest. It will make all the difference in your college career and how you approach your future life.

Ingrid Dinter, Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer
Speaker, EFT Consultant, Coauthor EFT for PTSD

The more I delved into Tapped Out for College Students the more excited I got! This is a fantastic tool for college students… I intend to buy one for each of my wellness patients as they head off to college!


 I have witnessed how the stress of transitioning to college life can overwhelming at times for most young adults. I hear parents wish they had more tools to help. This easy to understand and thorough gift will become the most valuable book in a college student’s library.
Dr. Jenny Bruck

Wellness Chiropractor, Author of the book "52 Vitality Tools Host", and of the podcast "For the Health of It"

Tapped Out for College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, is the perfect combination of straightforward, understandable, and thorough. It covers the obstacles that we often face as students and explains easy and effective techniques and tools for overcoming them… I certainly wish this book existed when I was navigating college and graduate school!


College is stressful. At least that is true for everyone I have ever met. Not only are we transitioning from an established life, surrounded by family and friends, we are learning to manage our own schedules, to prioritize, to take care of ourselves and to navigate a new and sometimes daunting social life. As college students, we do this while simultaneously dealing with a much greater work load, complex subject matter and the pressure to succeed when we (or our parents) are investing a lot of money towards our education. It seems that the common expectation is that we will somehow just know how to figure all of this out ourselves after a day of orientation and a few minutes spent with our academic advisor. But, the truth is, that most of us are quite unprepared to handle all the different factors involved in higher learning.

Fortunately, Kelley Pryor Amrein and Becki Stevens offer practical solutions to bring some blessed relief and address the many challenges we face during this crucial time. Tapped Out for College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, is the perfect combination of straightforward, understandable, and thorough. It covers the obstacles that we often face as students and explains easy and effective techniques and tools for overcoming them. I found the way that Kelley and Becki break everything down into the categories of Because, Emotion(s), Sensation(s), and Distress, or BESD, makes the process of tapping even more accessible and doable.

I particularly love how the book is divided into chapters that examine each major issue and offers clear and concise examples of exactly how to manage every challenge, and even wisely includes a section for when it seems like nothing is working. I certainly wish this book existed when I was navigating college and graduate school! As an EFT practitioner, I know how effective tapping has been to shift so many things in my life, including procrastination and overwhelm. If I had the tools that Becki and Kelley offer here when I was a student, I suspect I wouldn’t have needed to spend 6 years earning my BFA, or pulled nearly as many stressful last minute marathons writing papers in seminary. While this book is written for students, so much of it can apply to the rest of us, too. I had come down with a lingering head cold while reading this book, and even though my college days are behind me, I found the tapping script for being sick very helpful. Knowing a number of people who’ll be college bound in the next few years, I look forward to gifting copies of this book to each of them

Rev. Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, Wholistic Mentor
Creator of the Empathic Woman System

I am thrilled that Kelley and Becki have created this valuable resource for college students… Tapped Out for College Students, can be a great resource for students, allowing them to feel more empowered and clear at each stage of their college life journey.


I am thrilled that Kelley and Becki have created this valuable resource for college students!! Not many know this about me, but many years ago, I worked at an exclusive residential high school. The students were females from all over the globe and I distinctly remember the weekend when they were taking the SATs. The girls were literally sick and emotionally distraught, filled with fear and panic. The amount of pressure these girls put on themselves was shocking to me. I remember sitting with a couple of them and just listening to them cry and share how important this test was for their future and for their families. My heart was broken for them and I wished I had more resources at that time to support them in reducing this emotional charge and to give them another perspective. This book, “Tapped Out for College Students”, can be a great resource for students, allowing them to feel more empowered and clear at each stage of their college life journey. Many people who begin tapping look for scripts to guide them through the process, and this book provides numerous great examples and covers the many different challenges common to college students. Tapping itself has helped so many, and I urge anyone who is looking for a way to respond to the challenges of life to learn how to tap and work with a tapping professional.
Kimberly Francano, Achieving Greatness Coach, Tapping Expert
Speaker of Inspiration , Manager of Coaching Excellence for Margaret Lynch
Tapping Into Wealth Coach Trainer

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